About Us
Who We Are?
We are an independent non-partisan, non-profit organization established in 2015 working in the field of Youth sexual and reproductive health including teenage pregnancy. Our mandate is to advocate and implement policies and programs that enable young people to exercise choice, access to services and participate fully in activities that promote their reproductive health and well-being. SAYA through various projects move from school to school and communities, interacting with youths and parents and giving education on sexual and reproductive health (SRH).
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Approach
Our Mission

Save A Youth Africa, is a youth-led nonprofit organization created with a mission to improve reproductive health conditions and alleviate poverty among youths in Africa through education and access. .

Our Vision

In 2030 and beyond, SAVE A YOUTH AFRICA sees an African continent that has been collectively transformed by the collaboration of youth across the globe. We work towards a vision of an Africa with equal access to reproductive health services and information among youths and development opportunities, an Africa that has met and surpassed the challenge of every Sustainable Development Goal.

Our Approach

Because we understand that young people are at different stages of sexual development, and recognize their diversity, we run programs that use a variety of approaches to appropriately meet the needs of different groups of this population.

Our Main Objective
The organization will seek to alleviate poverty and promote reproductive health among adolescents and youths in Kenya.
  • To reduce teenage pregnancy among adolescents and youths in Kenya..
  • To create awareness and increase knowledge of sexual and reproductive health among adolescents and youths in Kenya.
  • To expand access to reproductive health information and services among adolescents and youths in Kenya
  • To alleviate poverty through Entrepreneurship and financial management skills training among adolescents and youths in Kenya.
  • To raise, secure and utilise funds for the attainment of any or all objects of the Organization.
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